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How can the scrap crusher be used more long?

Release date:2018-01-19

1, scrap crusher machine before the operation, should strictly check the various parts of the equipment installation is in accordance with the requirements, screw bolts are loose, can try to handle gently pull belt tightness, whether operating shell phenomenon; at the same time to check the direction of rotation, no crushing inflammable and explosive goods to avoid accidents.

2, in production, we must maintain uniform blanking to ensure the quality and normal production of scrap scrap. Meanwhile, motor overload is strictly prohibited to ensure that equipment is not overloaded and affects normal operation.

3, operators should regularly check the fastening and loosening of all parts, and pay attention to check the wear condition of the worn parts. If worn seriously, they should be replaced in time, so as not to damage the main components, and the mechanical impurities should be cleaned at regular intervals.

4. Because of the high speed of the waste steel processing equipment, the chassis seat should be installed correctly and firmly, and the good lubrication should be maintained so as to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.