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What should the users of the first use of the scrap crusher pay attention to?

Release date:2018-01-19

We have many users after buying qiansen scrap crusher back, don't read the instructions directly on the scrap crusher operation, the use of steel scrap crusher users not what, but for the first time we use scrap crusher users still need to note what place?

In the scrap crusher after boot, to let the equipment idle for 20 minutes, all parts of it can be combined with full lubrication, and then adding a small amount of material to make it work load, don't let it reach the production of relatively large amount of start, the machine load, it is not conducive to the use of the machine after the. The lubricating oil after a few days to replace our first filling, add new, so that the new machine internal slag and other impurities caused by wear and tear on the machine, we should also check all lubricating oil filling, don't let it out of oil, and the site of burn.

Qiansen machinery specializing in the production of various types of scrap steel crusher, novel design, reasonable structure, low cost, high efficiency and low energy consumption compared with similar products with innovative, is an ideal equipment for crushing scrap metal, effectively alleviate the shortage of resources, but also facilitate the stacking and transportation.

With the reform and development of the economic situation, the waste metal pollution is more serious day by day, these environmental viruses are always threatening people's physical and mental health. China has to strengthen the governance of environmental protection. Promote people's awareness of environmental protection.  The culprit that causes the pollution of the environment is the scrap metal. How can these waste metals be quickly solved? When everyone is worried about this problem, the shredded steel crusher appeared, which completely solved the problem of solving the waste metal.

In terms of the types of scrap metals, heavy metals such as cans, iron strips, color steel tiles, paint barrels, automobile oil filters and large box plates can be broken through the scrap crusher. And in the process of breaking, it does not harm the environment itself, it is a kind of environmental crusher equipment. The scrap metal can be used for steel mills after waste and scrap treatment, which greatly improves the speed of steelmaking. It has solved the shortage of steel plant resources, and also convenient for stacking and transportation.

The scrap crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment which can break the larger body of waste metal into metal particles and make it more convenient for us to recycle and use. Shin Sen scrap crusher has built a field of its own in the crusher Market with excellent quality. It has become the preferred equipment of scrap metal recycling enterprises, and has been affirmed by many users. "Efficiency comes from diligence." this word reminds us, not only to be diligent to visit customers, ask the scrap crusher working condition, which is insufficient. In the manufacturing process of scrap crusher, we should "improve" and actively join the new technology and technology to improve the production efficiency of the users.

Our Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. has high quality products and service quality.  The scrap crusher produced by us has advanced technology and manufacturing technology, so that small screws and nuts can go through strict quality control to every stage of rotor and liner. We have a full service, we buy our scrap crusher users, we will be home installation, hand handle guidance. We insist on making first-class brand with first-class quality. No matter the development of our enterprises are good, we firmly believe that, if the quality of our crusher to scrap any slack, it will cause irreparable consequences, we must have strict control on every detail of scrap crushing machine, determined to provide users with more high-quality scrap crusher.