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Ministry of industry and credit: promoting the standardized management of the industrial chain of scrap steel

Release date:2018-01-19

China Securities Network News learned from the Ministry of industry in November 28th. In November 23rd, the 2017 national scrap iron and steel conference jointly hosted by China scrap steel Application Association, Shanghai Steel Union e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd and the national scrap iron and steel industry alliance was held in Changsha.

The Ministry of industry and information technology energy saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department inspector Li Li attended the meeting and delivered a speech, pointed out that China's current steel scrap ratio is still low, a huge space for future development, to further strengthen the industry management, strengthen the supervision of enterprises have access to the announcement, cultivate leading enterprises, promote the processing and distribution of enterprise groups; to further strengthen the basic work the development of the industry, accelerate industrial informatization management; actively create industry development environment, promote the standard management of steel scrap industry chain.

The conference summarized the operation situation of scrap iron and steel industry this year, the situation of scrap steel consumption, analyzed the problems faced by the industry development, and prospected the development prospect of scrap steel industry.